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580 5th Avenue, suite 2810
New York, NY, 10036
United States


Custom engagement rings and fine jewelry handcrafted in New York City.

Ask Lindsey: How Do I Create My Jewelry Box

Lovers and Collectors

Ask Lindsey: How Do I Create My Jewelry Box

Lindsey Scoggins


Q: Dear Lindsey,

I’m starting to invest in more long lasting, significant pieces for myself, including jewelry. How do I choose the right items?

I have to say, nothing makes me happier than hearing this question. In today’s world of flimsy fast fashion and brands burning leftover inventory when it doesn’t sell, having someone pose this question to me means they really care about where they put their money.

That’s what I love about fine jewelry. The materials - gemstones, precious metals - are reusable in every way. They last for ages and sometimes just require a design update to bring them into the next generation. While sustainability in the jewelry industry is up for debate, the longevity of our product is never in question.

Most importantly, jewelry is anchored in storytelling. More often than not, people wear jewelry that has a special meaning to them and women love to tell the story of how they came into possessing their favorite pieces.

My advice for how to curate your own collection of special jewelry: every time you add a piece, it needs to convey your style and have meaning. Even if you are giving guidance on a significant gift that someone will be buying for you, it should be special to you