Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Warrior Talisman

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Warrior Talisman


Talk to me for more than a few minutes and you will likely learn of my obsession with Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. Not just any turquoise, this material is highly sought after for its lack of matrix - the veining you usually see in more abundant forms of the mineral. It was mined in the Sleeping Beauty mine in Arizona until its closure in 2012, meaning the supply is depleting and the value is rising.

Sometime in 2018, I came upon five of these cushion cabochon pieces. I quickly sold two and saved the remaining three for this spring collection. This is designed to sit in my warrior motif of the season. There is a chance I might be able to find more cabochons like this, and I can currently find beads and round cabochons, but when this sells, it might just be the only one!

Set in 18 karat rose gold, surrounded by 0.40 carats of diamonds and suspended from a 10mm bale - looks even more powerful on my goddess chain, not included but suggested. Approx 1-1/4 inch long, not including the 10mm bale.

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