Vices & Reverberations


Our Vices are elegant representations of guilty pleasures. They serve as the centerpieces of our newest collection, striking a balance between form and function. Meant to be playful and refined, they seamlessly integrate into the designs to give both wearers and admirers an unexpected delight. Our Reverberations strands feature beautiful semiprecious gemstones echoing in perfect unison. The repetitive pattern in Reverberations creates a sensual movement and a satisfying feel on the neck and in the hand. More modern than a classic bead strand, these pieces showcase gemstones in an entirely new way.


Bespoke Possibilities 

Perhaps our most beloved practice is the process of making bespoke jewelry. Starting with a sketch from our growing archive of designs or commissioning a new design that tells a sentimental personal story, this is the true heartbeat of our studio. We bring each piece to life exclusively for each client and work with you each step of the way, ensuring your piece is exactly what you have been dreaming of. The gemstone beaded necklaces in the Vices & Reverberations collection can be purchased as shown or can be customized with the gemstones of your choice. Tourmaline, sapphire, garnet, lapis, turquoise and aquamarine are just a few gemstone possibilities. Pair your favorite gemstone beads with the Vice clasp of your choice. These playful clasps are elegant takes on a few vices with gold and diamond vials, capsules, cigarettes and bullets. These can be customized with the metal color of your preference and any diamond or gemstone adornments. Add extra sparkle with diamond beads that can be added throughout the gemstones. There are so many ways to add meaning to your gemstone beaded necklace. Choose gemstones with meaning to you and add diamond beads to symbolize a significant number. If you have any questions please contact us and we’ll chat about the entire custom jewelry design process and answer any questions that you might have. We can’t wait to work with you.


About Lindsey Scoggins Studio 

From the corporate side to the creative side, Lindsey Scoggins began her jewelry career as soon as she was able, after graduating with a degree in architecture and finding herself in a store with a master jeweler. She spent nearly a decade in the corporate office of the largest jeweler in North America, leading sourcing, merchandising and traveling the world learning about the complex and beautiful jewelry industry. In 2016 she began her namesake brand, working with clients looking for more bespoke experiences and unique, high quality, wearable jewelry. Her collections are inspired by her time spent with them and their wonderful stories. Whether it’s conveying the love story between a couple or an ode to a new phase of life, each piece is meant to be one of the most cherished and unique pieces in your jewelry box. All of this is underpinned by meticulous attention to construction and functionality. Lindsey’s jewelry is designed and made in the Diamond District where she closely oversees the entire process. Like the beautiful gemstone beaded necklaces in this collection, each piece serves a purpose and fulfills a dream, making it so much more than just a beautiful piece of jewelry.