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Welcome to Lindsey Scoggins Studio, the pinnacle of luxury custom jewelry. Our custom diamond rings are handcrafted in our New York studio to the most precise standards.


Discover, Design, Dream

We debut new designs each month through our newsletter. Read about our favorite designs, dive into our client's jewelry collections, and discover covetable pieces that tell your story.



How do you turn a fleeting idea into a custom diamond ring that’s cherished for generations? It starts by scheduling an appointment to commission a design for your custom piece.

Whether in the studio or virtual, make your design experience even more personal by scheduling an appointment with us. We can have an unforgettable design session, give you more insight into the custom process, and explore a wide variety of gemstones.

Contact us to schedule a meeting so we can kick off the custom process!


If you’re looking for custom diamond rings or heirloom-quality jewelry, you’re in the right place. Our custom commission process is a unique and intimate experience that will bring your design to life. We’re here to help you create your own luxury jewelry collection by any means, whether you commission one of our designs or want us to design luxury custom jewelry just for you.

Lindsey’s years of custom jewelry making, paired with her experienced hand in the diamond industry, have made her one of the leading artisans of custom-made engagement rings and other heirloom jewelry. Read on for more about what sets Lindsey and her custom pieces apart from the rest.

Full Circle...From Concept to Creation

Step into the studio where you can artfully combine our signature design elements to create the perfect ring. These elements were created to be timeless yet distinctive and to reflect your story so your ring is sure to be both classic and contemporary.

Create a portfolio of designs and when a favorite is chosen it will be made to fit your diamond and your hand right here in New York City by the finest jewelers in the world. Lindsey’s custom-made engagement rings are created differently from other artisans’, with Lindsey there to guide you along the way.

Our passion for design and our meticulous attention to detail combine with years of expertise and knowledge to create a luxury experience like no other. For custom diamond rings, unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere, step into the design studio with us.


Start From Sketch

Every design in this portfolio is truly inspired: by you, by your stories and experiences, by our surroundings. We bring them to life by starting with the initial design and ending with the finest metals and gemstones, all chosen by hand to create the most spellbinding pieces.

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