Spotlight On... Diamond Cuts

Spotlight On... Diamond Cuts

Posted by Lindsey Scoggins Studio on May 12th 2023

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diamond cuts


If you are totally new to the world of diamonds, diamond purchasing or the jewelry industry in general, this guide to diamond cuts and the different types of diamond cuts will help you to learn the basics so you can know how to describe the different shapes of diamonds that you’re interested in. This story is tailored to anyone who might feel intimidated by diamonds and the experience of buying an engagement ring. We know it’s one of the biggest and most meaningful purchases and we want to help you feel informed and knowledgeable during the entire process. We’ll walk you through some of the most common diamond cuts along with images of each and share the information that we think is most relevant to keep in mind while shopping for an engagement ring.

Types of Diamond Cuts

Types of Diamond Cuts

Before we dive into all of the types of diamond cuts, a diamond cut is just the shape that a natural diamond is physically cut into by a diamond cutter. When diamonds are mined from the earth, they are not the beautifully polished and symmetical shapes that you see in jewelry.

emerald cut diamond cut


Round cut diamonds probably don't need much explanation. They're the most traditional and technical cut of them all and are designed to maximize brilliance. Round brilliant diamonds are the most expensive diamond cut because of the amount of diamond required to be discarded while creating the perfectly round shape of this cut.


This one is also pretty straight forward. We love oval diamonds for their brilliant faceting pattern and cut which creates a lengthening effect on the hand. Oval diamonds are considered a fancy shape and range in appearance due to each one's different proportions and depths.


What is an emerald cut diamond?

An emerald cut diamond is one that is cut into a rectangular shape. You'll most frequently see them set like the below image or in an East West style setting which changes the direction that the diamond is set (horizontally instead of vertically). Emerald cut diamonds are both glamorous and elegant, with their linear facets showing the purest view of what’s inside.

Are emerald cut diamonds more expensive?

Emerald cut diamonds are sometimes said to be less expensive than round brilliant diamonds due to the way that they are cut however it's all relative based on the color and clairty of any diamond that you might be interested in. Inclusions are most easily visible in emerald cuts so we advise clients to choose high quality emerald cuts to maximize the value of your diamond.


Do emerald cut diamonds sparkle?

Of course! It is said that emerald cut diamonds sparkle the least of all of the diamond cuts due to the step cut but like everything, it's all about your preferences and values.

East West Emerald Cut Setting


What is a cushion cut diamond?

A cushion cut diamond uses a more-than-century-old cut pattern. Cushion cuts can be long or square, with more rounded faceting at the corners to give this diamond cut a pillowy look.


What is an Asscher cut diamond?

An Asscher cut diamond is faceted like an emerald cut but in a more symmetrical square ratio. Asschers have a regal appearance. They were created by diamond cutter Joseph Asscher. He was the first person to patent a diamond cut with the Asscher in 1902.


The above diamond cuts are our favorites to work with but there are so many other fancy shapes that are available - heart shaped diamonds, rose cut, princess cut, marquise, pear and radiant are just a few of them. We can source any of these if you have your heart set on one. There are also many custom types of diamond cuts that are specific to brands like the Tiffany True diamond cut.



There is so much more to learn about diamonds and types of diamond cuts. If you're interested in reading more and learning about the "four C's", read our guide on All You Need to Know About Diamonds here. You can also learn about our unique diamond curation process here. It explains why we consider a fifth "C" when choosing diamonds. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions about types of diamond cuts, engagement rings or anything else.



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