Embracing Forever: The Allure of The Eternity Band

Embracing Forever: The Allure of The Eternity Band

Posted by Lindsey Scoggins Studio on Jun 13th 2023

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eternity bands


In the realm of timeless and meaningful jewelry pieces, eternity bands stand as a modern testament to everlasting love and unbreakable bonds. These exquisite rings, adorned with a continuous line of diamonds or precious gemstones, encapsulates the beauty of eternal commitment. In this feature, we invite you to explore the allure of eternity bands—unveiling their historical significance, symbolic representation, and the array of styles that make them a cherished choice for couples seeking a lasting symbol of eternal devotion.


emerald cut diamond eternity bands


Within the realm of jewelry, eternity bands hold a profound symbolic meaning. The unbroken circle of diamonds or gemstones represents the eternity of love—a love that knows no bounds, no beginning, and no end. The brilliance of diamonds or vibrant gemstones symbolizes the everlasting unity and unending commitment shared between two souls, serving as a constant reminder of the profound connection they share and the beauty of your partnership.



It is said that eternity bands originated in ancient Egypt. Their popularity surged in the 1960s with the help of marketing campaigns by De Beers. From their ancient origins to their prominence in modern-day jewelry, these symbolic rings have graced the fingers of countless individuals throughout the ages and are extremly popular today. Eternity band styles have evolved from the most classic diamond bands to countless modern styles made original with unlimited creative possibilities. The look of stacking is also a trending style.


The choice of gemstones in eternity bands adds an extra layer of unique customization. Diamonds, with their timeless brilliance, have been a popular choice for centuries, however, other gemstones like sapphires, rubies, and emeralds bring vibrant bursts of color to these rings, each carrying its own symbolic meaning. Delve into the world of gemstone options and select gems that hold personal significance, enhancing the symbolism of your eternity band.

eternity bands


Eternity bands come in an array of styles, each with its own unique charm and aesthetic appeal. Full eternity bands, where gemstones encircle the entire ring, create an unbroken line of brilliance. Half eternity bands feature gemstones adorning the front half, allowing for comfortable resizing while maintaining the symbolic representation. All of our band collections tell unique stories to symbolize your own personal journey.


Our Three Phases collection symbolizes the three phases of love - curiosity, chemisty and commitment. Our Continuum collection represents the eternal nature of love. The Links collection symbolizes unbreakable bonds. Explore all of our collection storeis and band styles here.


One of the most special aspects of eternity bands is the opportunity for personalization. You can infuse your own personal style and unique touch into the design of your choice. From engraving meaningful messages and initials or dates to incorporating birthstones or selecting specific settings or metal types, customization adds a layer of sentimentality, ensuring that each eternity band that we make becomes a treasured heirloom—a symbol of personalized forever.

eternity bands
diamond eternity band
diamond eternity band
sapphire and diamond eternity bands



To preserve the brilliance and beauty of eternity bands, proper care and maintenance are essential. Learn more and read our eternity band care guidelines here. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your eternity bands and rings maintain their radiance, enduring as a symbol of eternal love throughout the years.


eternity band and indicolite tourmaline ring
eternity bands
eternity bands
eternity band and endless loop ring

Eternity bands encompass the essence of everlasting love, making them a cherished choice for couples seeking a symbol of unending commitment. From their profound symbolism and captivating history to the mesmerizing gemstone choices and customization possibilities, eternity bands capture the hearts of individuals across generations. By embracing the beauty and meaning of eternity bands, you can celebrate your eternal love in a tangible and cherished way, forever wearing yours as a symbol of your love for years to come. Read more about eternity bands and see even more of our favorite styles here.


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Oval Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

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