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Your wedding band will most likely be the piece you wear more than anything else. While it symbolizes the commitment of marriage it should also reflect your personal style. Choose to get a matching band with your partner or choose a more distinct style that's unmistakably you. Our custom wedding bands can be classic, contemporary or anything in between. These also make great everyday stacking rings and are the perfect accessory to commemorate an anniversary, accomplishment or any special occasion. 


About Our Custom Wedding Bands

At Lindsey Scoggins Studio we want the process of buying fine jewelry to be stress free and fun. We cater everything that we do to our clients and customize each experience to each client - the same way that we make all of our jewelry. All of our jewelry and custom wedding bands are made in New York City’s Diamond District just minutes away from the Studio. Lindsey closely oversees each piece from sketch form until it is safely on its way to you. We precisely calibrate each custom wedding band to perfectly fit your finger as well as any gemstones or diamonds that might be used in your piece to ensure it is secure and a perfect fit. Due to the custom nature of our jewelry we can also customize your ring beyond what is shown here (your piece will be made just for you!) If you want to change the color or size of gemstones or diamonds, add a special personal touch or even go for an entirely new design, we are happy to make it happen. Many clients add engraving to the inside of bands for an extra personalized touch. We also love working with clients to create fully unique designs. One of our favorites was our Continuum band that we made in to a rainbow version using multicolored sapphires and diamonds for a client who wanted to add a colorful piece to her collection. There are so many possibilities. Contact us and schedule a custom design session to start the process of designing your custom wedding band. 




Discover the Stories of Our Collections

At first glance our rings might just look like pretty pieces but each of our collections symbolizes a unique story and some are even based off of Lindsey’s clients. Our Three Phases collection symbolizes the three phases of love: curiosity, chemistry and commitment. This is symbolized on these custom wedding bands through bezel detailing. The TIME collection subtly incorporates Roman numerals into bands that stack together to form significant numbers that can symbolize important dates, years, anniversaries or anything of your choice. The CHANCE collection was inspired by one couple's story of fate that led them to one another. Our STILL collection uses an octagon as a symbol of renewal and reflection. All of the custom wedding band designs in these collections are available in styles ranging from the most traditional gold bands to unique diamond and gemstone alternatives. Discover all the collections and choose a custom wedding band that resonates with your story and style.