Meet Lindsey

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My passion for jewelry began while I was in college. My mother had a small collection of family jewelry that she redesigned and had made into beautiful rings, presented to my sisters and me on each of our 21st birthdays. A love affair with the sentiment and significance of diamonds was born. Starting a career in the jewelry industry after earning a degree in architecture may sound like a leap to some, but I quickly found that designing jewelry involves many of the same elements: the uniting of beauty and integrity, the planning, the attention to detail.


The process has intrigued me ever since I began working for North America's largest jewelry retailer, buying and sourcing diamonds. I traveled the world to develop relationships with jewelry manufacturers and diamond suppliers to ensure our product was perfect for our customers. After a decade of advancing within that company, I moved to New York City from my home state of Texas, where I developed high-end product lines for a jewelry supplier and made licensing agreements to bring well known names in the design world to the jewelry industry.


Throughout my years in the business I have been lucky to design and build custom engagement rings when I could find the time, which allowed me to focus my creative energy on my true passion of designing custom jewelry from start to finish. I acquired a network of clients through word of mouth referrals, the most genuine of recommendations, and now I am proud to enjoy it full time.


And I still wear the ring my mom gave me everyday.





Named one of the “12 New Engagement Ring Designers to Know Now” by Martha Stewart Weddings, Lindsey’s jewelry has been featured on The Knot, Who What Wear, Town & Country, Harper’s Bazaar, National Jeweler and more. Read more about her design philosophy and process below. 



The perfect ring finds the intersection of beauty and comfort, artistry and engineering, quality and worth. Beginning with the center stone, I guide my clients through the process of understanding which diamond grading qualities are the most critical based on the size and shape they prefer, the budget they have set, and the ideal design of the finished piece. This analytical perspective continues throughout the creative process. A custom engagement ring should surpass expectations through the interplay of the small details; balance is the key to making a wise investment.



My design philosophy revolves around artistry and balance. I enjoy combining modern, geometric design elements with traditional, classic components and techniques. Some clients have an idea of what they are looking for and we work together to make their rings both personal and distinctive. Other clients aren't sure where to start, but they know they want something unique, with fine details and flawless craftsmanship. In both of these scenarios - and along the spectrum in between - we combine fresh, beautiful designs with diamond expertise and precision techniques to bring their rings to life.



The legacy of jewelry rests with generations of skilled artisans, and today the best product is still made by the best people. The most skilled diamond cutters can achieve the highest standards of proportion, polish, and symmetry. The best setters and polishers can craft the most extraordinarily delicate jewelry by hand, after hours of planning and calibration. The integrity of their work comes down to hundredths of a millimeter. A Lindsey Scoggins ring is crafted by the most exceptional jewelers in the trade. My clients can feel confident that their engagement ring is of the highest quality. 




An engagement ring is one of the most personal, exhilarating, and sometimes mystifying purchases anyone can make in their lifetime. I work one on one with you to not only design and craft your ring, but also to make sure you are comfortable every step of the way. You will be involved through each step of the process, from concept to creation, to make sure the resulting piece of jewelry is the heirloom you always dreamed of. Whether your style is classic or contemporary, we create a timeless and unique ring, specifically for you, together.


Each stage of bringing an engagement ring to life is carefully considered. We start with the concept, considering your taste and lifestyle, to determine the aesthetic and the design details. We then source a diamond with the optimal combination of the 4Cs, based on your preferences of size and shape, and my standards on the rest. You'll see how a ring is first designed with pencil and paper, the magic that occurs when the perfect diamond is discovered, and the level of detail involved with crafting the one of a kind ring that will be worn for generations.


Using traditional techniques, each ring is hand crafted by our master jewelers in the heart of New York's historic Diamond District. Hours of planning and collaboration between technical engineers, setters, polishers and myself lead to the construction of each one of a kind ring.


The experience is as magical as the heirloom it creates. My passion is to create more than a piece of jewelry. Every piece I design reflects the love story of the couple it represents.