Meet Lindsey

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My passion for jewelry began while I was in college. My mother had a small collection of family jewelry that she redesigned and had made into beautiful rings, presented to my sisters and me on each of our 21st birthdays. A love affair with the sentiment and significance of diamonds was born. Starting a career in the jewelry industry after earning a degree in architecture may sound like a leap to some, but I quickly found that designing jewelry involves many of the same elements: the uniting of beauty and integrity, the planning, the attention to detail.


The process has intrigued me ever since I began working for North America's largest jewelry retailer, buying and sourcing diamonds. I traveled the world to develop relationships with jewelry manufacturers and diamond suppliers to ensure our product was perfect for our customers. After a decade of advancing within that company, I moved to New York City from my home state of Texas, where I developed high-end product lines for a jewelry supplier and made licensing agreements to bring well known names in the design world to the jewelry industry.


Throughout my years in the business I have been lucky to design and build custom engagement rings when I could find the time, which allowed me to focus my creative energy on my true passion of designing custom jewelry from start to finish. I acquired a network of clients through word of mouth referrals, the most genuine of recommendations, and now I am proud to enjoy it full time.


And I still wear the ring my mom gave me everyday.