What started out with our exploration into using animals in jewelry turned into a full fledged fable. The Fable Collection is a series of collectible jewelry pieces that pay tribute to the female experience: intuition, passion, transformation and purpose. Sculptural in design for a weight you can feel, and glowing with a rich satin finish. Discover the full collection below and read the fable, The Fox and the Phoenix, here.


Luxury Jewelry 

Lindsey Scoggins Studio is not just a jewelry design studio, but also a one of a kind experience. Whether you're planning to buy jewelry from our collections or opting for a bespoke heirloom, the process will be tailored to you every step of the way. Discover our gallery of jewelry to see some one of a kind pieces that we have made for clients over the years.


The Highest Quality Materials 

Our specialty is finding the diamonds and gemstones that are cut and polished to emphasize their natural beauty. We only source the best diamonds and materials, ensuring that your jewelry will have a home in your jewelry collection for generations to come.


All of the diamonds in our custom-designed luxury necklaces have been personally hand-selected by Lindsey, who has an impressive hand in the diamond curation industry.


Get in touch to inquire about the jewelry in the Fable collection or to commission a one of a kind piece.

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