What started out with our exploration into using animals in jewelry turned into a full fledged fable. The Fable Collection is a series of collectible jewelry pieces that pay tribute to the female experience: intuition, passion, transformation and purpose. Sculptural in design for a weight you can feel, and glowing with a rich satin finish. Discover the full collection below and read the fable, The Fox and the Phoenix, here.


About the Fable Collection 

Born mid-pandemic, the Fable collection felt deeply personal and formed relatable and meaningful stories. Our original Fable was inspired by the characters that encompass this collection and form the unique pendants that are the Fable collection. These intricate gold and diamond pendants took many forms before the designs were just right. The fox pendant was hand carved in wax to get the shaping just right. These weighty medallions are more than a beautiful piece of jewelry - each symbolizes an element of the female experience and stages of growth. Meaningful heirlooms to represent overcoming challenges, life stages and beautiful transformations. These unique pendants can be made in different versions to match your preferences. Choose your metal color, size and the amount of diamonds you would like. We can also design something new with more diamonds, a larger or smaller scale or an entirely unique piece like a ring or bracelet if you have something specific in mind. We love styling the Fable collection gold and diamond pendants with a heavy yellow gold chain like our goddess chain or medium capsule chain. These unique pendants look great when paired with existing charm necklaces and medallions or solitaire style diamond or gemstone necklaces. Our padlock necklaces from the Oath collection are a great complement to any of the pieces in our fable collection. Wear these unique pendant necklaces as a meaningful accessory that tells your story and symbolizes your strength.


About the Fable Characters

The Fable collection started with our Fox. Our Fox gold and diamond pendant is a reminder to listen to your instinct, sharpen your knowledge and boldly move forward. This unique pendant can be made with different diamond layouts. We love her in 18 karat yellow or rose gold. The next element of the Fable collection is the Flame. The flame represents passion and acts as a reminder to follow your passions but to pursue them with open eyes and an open heart. Our flame is available in a ruby or diamond version but can be made with any gemstone of your choice. The Phoenix represents transformation. Wear this unique pendant as a reminder that adversity and failure should not be feared as they can lead to growth and change. Finally, our Finder represents purpose. This gold and diamond pendant is a reminder to listen to your inner voice as you pursue your dreams because they are worthy of fulfillment. Contact us with any questions about the Fable collection of unique pendants or to inquire about any of the gold and diamond pendants in this collection.