Inspired by... New York City

Inspired by the sights, sounds, attitude and energy of New York City. These New York jewelry designs are made for the New Yorker in all of us. Available for commission as shown or with special customizations of your choice. 



About Our New York City Jewelry Collection 

We designed this collection in November of 2020 in the midst of the pandemic. We were especially inspired by the city's resilience and the (by no means surprising) habit New York has of maintaining the magic amidst crisis. Everyone should be so lucky to hear the applause that engulfed the streets at 7pm each night to honor the healthcare workers as they changed shifts. The largest city in the country felt like a tight-knit community of neighbors waving to each other from their windows across the street. New York was still the same beacon of hope and optimism, brimming with opportunity even in some of the darkest of times. This collection organically came to life amidst the chaos and was a reminder of some of our most cherished New York places, feelings and symbols. Our New York City jewelry designs are high jewelry pieces that are available for commission. We brought the emerald cut and baguette diamond energy band to life for a client shortly after launching the collection. You can read more about it here. This piece embodies the energy and motion of the city that is always on the move and it turned out beautifully. Each piece has a story about an aspect of New York that inspires us or reminds us of home. Read more about the designs below. 



Our Favorite New York City Jewelry Designs

There are so many New York City jewelry designs from this collection that we would love to make for you. One of our favorites is the Central Park Loop diamond and emerald necklace. This fluid piece would combine a layer of baguette cut emeralds with a diamond tennis necklace to create one very major piece. Our Endless Tower tennis necklace is another necklace that we can’t wait to make. Inspired by the city’s skyscrapers this gold and diamond necklace will fluidly move on the body and sparkle just like the sun reflecting off of NYC’s buildings on a cloudless day. There is also a tennis bracelet and ring version of this so you could collect the whole suite. The Snowy City Moon ring and earrings were inspired by the glow of the moon on a snowy evening, when the sidewalks are blanketed in snow and the skyline and city lights guide you wherever you might be heading. These designs would use a moonstone cabochon and add bezel set diamonds set in 18k white gold with a black rhodium finish to create a glistening effect. These are just a few of the stories of the inspiration behind each of our New York City jewelry designs. You can read more on the product descriptions or by clicking here. Contact us for more information about any of our New York City jewelry designs or to commission an entirely one of a kind design inspired by New York or anywhere in the world.