Hearts and minds intertwined, lives intersected, crossroads in a lifelong adventure. Each piece in the CHANCE collection represents serendipitous connections. From a random rendezvous to a fork in the road, chances are meant to be taken.

Discover Unique Anniversary Rings and Wedding Bands with a Story

Our unique anniversary rings and bands and modern diamond wedding bands are built to stand the test of time, with high-quality diamonds and brilliant designs highlighted within each handcrafted luxury piece. There's a perfect wedding band or unique anniversary ring for every style, whether you’re looking for something with color, like the stunning Pave Ruby band, or want something more traditional like our modern diamond wedding band, Milestone I there are so many special styles to choose from. These custom and unique anniversary rings are designed with timelessness in mind so that your love can be passed down and cherished for generations to come.


A symbol of serendipitous connections, the elegant pieces in the CHANCE collection are designed as two rows running alongside each other, intersecting at just the right moments. Designed to be worn on their own on a ring finger, but versatile enough to also pair perfectly with other refined rings, these wedding band and unique anniversary rings are an investment to represent your most meaningful milestones. Ideal for an especially memorable anniversary gift or wedding band, these unique anniversary rings and modern diamond wedding bands are made for you to beautifully represent your love.


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From the moment we begin working with our clients to the moment we tie a bow around the box of the final product, client satisfaction is our top priority. We work closely with each client to ensure that you receive a piece that is true to your style and personality. Our Chance collection was inspired by a couple who met by chance while at brunch in New York City. Friends had previously tried to set them up but they didn’t end up meeting until they happened to be sitting at tables next to each other. Read their full story and see more of these modern diamond wedding bands and unique anniversary rings here


If you are looking for a different wedding band style or want to have an entirely unique anniversary ring or custom piece made for you, schedule an appointment to begin the customization process for your soon-to-be heirloom today. We can discuss design possibilities whether you want to work on something totally new or reset an older piece that is sitting in your jewelry box. You can also browse our portfolio to discover options that can be made for you or explore some of our other signature collections. All of our signature collections tell a story. Our Three Phases collection represents the three phases of love: curiosity, chemistry and commitment through a wide range of unique anniversary bands and modern diamond wedding bands revolving around a bezel style band. This is our most classic collection and ranges from a plain gold band to a three row pave band with varying sizes of diamonds. Explore all of our collections of rings and bands here and don’t hesitate to inquire or contact us with any questions about these unique anniversary rings or to chat about anything else.