The LINKS bands symbolize bold and unbreakable bonds. Forged in 18 karat gold or platinum to form an edgy yet surprisingly delicate design, the fine details give this collection a distinguished style, and make a modern wedding band for the modern bride.


About the Links Collection

The LINKS collection is one of our signature collections of wedding and anniversary bands. These link rings are available in a variety of unique styles that range from a mini 16 gold link ring to unique pave and diamond link ring styles. If you’re looking for something that is more simplistic with a unique design, any of our classic link bands are the perfect choice. Choose from 8 link or 16 link versions to alter the amount of negative space visible between your links. Opt for polished metal for a sleek look or choose a pave diamond gold link ring version for added brilliance. These link rings are the perfect building pieces to an elegant everyday stack of rings and they are also great ways to enhance a traditional engagement ring to give it an updated feel. If you’re looking for an even more statement-making style, our Links Pave Eternity Bands with oval or emerald cut diamonds are beautiful link ring choices. Each contains approximately three carats of diamonds and are impactful stand alone rings. We think that these would also be a great alternative engagement ring style for a bride who is looking for something outside of the traditional engagement ring design. Our Baguette and Pave 8 Link ring is another design that elegantly combines two types of diamonds to create an elegant and unique everyday ring.



Discover More Wedding Bands and Signature Collections

We offer so many unique styles of wedding, anniversary and eternity bands. Whether you’re looking for the most traditional of classic gold bands or are looking for something entirely unique, with colored gemstones or a link ring with baguette and emerald cut diamonds, we have just about everything that you could want - and can make any sort of custom design that you have in mind. Our signature collections include Links, Chance, Three Phases, Axis and Endless Loop. Our additional wedding and anniversary band collections are the TIME, STILL and Continuum collections. The TIME collection discreetly incorporates roman numerals into the designs meant to symbolize significant dates, anniversaries and more through meaningful numbers. The STILL collection bands are octagonal bands that symbolize renewal and reflection and the experiences of a lifetime. The Continuum collection is uniquely engineered to feature one row of diamonds that twists together to create four sides without a beginning or an end. Available in polished metal, one row pave diamond or two row pave diamond versions. We have also made a diamond and sapphire version and multicolored rainbow sapphire and diamond style. All of our bands can be customized with any style of diamonds and gemstones and metal color of your choice. Contact us to inquire about any of our bands or to commission a one of a kind link ring or unique design.