An earring change is the easiest way to dress up an outfit or polish a low key casual look. Round out your collection with basic but not boring studs, edgy but everyday hoops, and expressive drop earrings. Dress yourself, or someone else, in the most luxurious customized earrings by Lindsey Scoggins.

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Custom Designed Earrings

With extensive design experience, Lindsey knows how to create earrings that are perfect for you. Make them ultra-fancy or beautifully casual — no matter what, they’ll be exactly what you want.

From the first pencil strokes of the design to the moment you see the final product, Lindsey’s earrings are made with precision and care. The pieces themselves are made in the heart of New York City, so we can oversee every part of the production process. And every bit of it is done with you in mind, so the custom-designed earrings are truly tailored to you every step of the way.

The Diamond Standard

Whether they’re in rings, necklaces, or our customized earrings, diamonds are among the most popular gemstones in jewelry. But that doesn’t mean that all diamonds are the same. That’s why Lindsey personally approves every diamond that goes into a Lindsey Scoggins Studio piece. She has a heavy hand in diamond curation, so every one she chooses is top quality.

After the best diamonds are chosen for you, they’re highly calibrated to 2/100mm. That way we can 100% guarantee that they’ll fit in the setting, and they’re way less likely to fall out. It’s Lindsey’s attention to detail that proves that our pieces are the best, and are made to last. For more information about how we can create custom designed earrings, or a show-stopping engagement ring, or heirloom-quality necklaces, get in touch.

Lindsey Scoggins Studio

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