The joys of life can be found in layers of sweet memories. Marriages, anniversaries, birthdays. Numbers tell your story. The unique anniversary rings in the TIME collection are designed to snugly nestle into each other to create a stunning Roman numeral wedding band of any combination you choose.


Unique Anniversary Rings

Perfect as a gift that will be remembered for many years to come, these unique anniversary rings are soon-to-be cherished generational keepsakes. Whether you’ve been together for a few years or a milestone anniversary is right around the corner, the pieces in the TIME collection are a perfect symbol of your love. These Roman numeral wedding bands are a special display of time well spent together, with intricate designs using the highest quality materials. Each piece is custom-made to assure the perfect fit. As all of our jewelry is made specifically for each client, each piece can be customized to match your preferences. Whether you’re interested in changing something simple like the metal color or want to add engraving or swap diamonds for gemstones, we are happy to accommodate any special requests. Explore our selection of unique anniversary rings like the Bold Gold Band or the stunning Baguette Diamond Pave Band. The unique yet versatile designs of these Roman numeral wedding and anniversary bands open the door to countless ways to display your love. We think that these are the perfect anniversary gifts because of the subtle symbolism added to the design through Roman numerals. We love the idea of growing your collection as your relationship grows and adding a band every ten years, five years or even yearly. These Roman numeral wedding bands can also symbolize a birthday, meeting date, child’s birthday and so much more. Contact us with any questions on these unique anniversary rings or any other jewelry on our site.



Commission a Design Today

At Lindsey Scoggins Studio, luxury doesn’t end with our refined Roman numeral wedding bands or unique anniversary rings. For those looking for custom luxury jewelry items, our portfolio offers even more to discover. With the highest quality diamonds, gemstones and materials and an engaging customization process to ensure client happiness, we provide heirloom-quality jewelry and unique anniversary rings designed to be loved and worn for generations. From stunning modern gold wedding bands to refined bracelets, our portfolio includes every custom jewelry item you could imagine. If you are interested in having a custom piece made just for you or would like to reset an engagement ring or old or inherited jewelry, we would love to help. Our personalized process can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you’d like to visit the New York City based Studio in person or would prefer to connect virtually, the custom design process will involve a one on one meeting with Lindsey to discuss options, share design ideas and bring your perfect piece to life. All of our jewelry and these unique anniversary rings are made in New York City’s Diamond District from start to finish. From the initial sketches and CAD designs to the final assembly and polishing, we carefully oversee your jewelry throughout the entire process. Schedule an appointment today to commission a design and celebrate the time spent with your loved ones with our unique anniversary rings.