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A tennis bracelet to end your search for tennis bracelets. Our version keeps our signature handcuff inspired closure and amps up the wrist with stunning emerald cut diamonds. As always, triple secure for safe wear: first close the tongue, then lower the safety latch, then attach the chain with the hidden clasp. 


Upgrade this emerald cut diamond tennis bracelet in even more ways if you dare - add pave diamonds on the latch, upgrade our standard capsule chain to our heavy handmade cable, or switch the top loops to bezel set diamonds. Try one or two or all three for a personalized look.

As our jewelry is made to order for each individual client, please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery of your emerald cut diamond tennis bracelet and possibly a few emails for clarity.



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Introducing the Oath Collection

What began as a bespoke piece for a private client (and then another client, and then another) is transformed into a full collection utilizing symbols of strength, loyalty, reliability and connection. From classic cuffs to gypsy rings to padlocks and an emerald cut diamond tennis bracelet, each piece is designed with meticulous attention to detail and is forged in the finest precious metals. Take a look at the full collection here. Whether you’re looking for an everyday bracelet or the most glamorous version of them all (this emerald cut diamond tennis bracelet), there is something for every style in the Oath Collection.

Customize Yours

This emerald cut diamond tennis bracelet can be customized in countless ways to match your personal style. Whether you are looking for a timeless piece or something with added diamonds and design details, each bracelet is made just for you so the possibilities are endless. Start by choosing your metal color — 18 karat yellow, rose or white gold, or black rhodium plating over white gold. From there you can decide on bracelet add ons including adding diamond or gemstone bezels, a pave diamond latch, a heavy handmade chain, or even make it a double. We'd also love to make this with a combination of gemstones and diamonds for someone looking for color. Make this emerald cut diamond tennis bracelet all your own and explore design possibilities for all of our Oath cuffs here.

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