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A full circle shaped by the experiences of a lifetime, the octagon represents renewal and reflection. The dome wedding bands in the STILL collection have a classic look from the top and a contemporary look in profile.


Have yours made in the metal color of your choice.


As our rings are made to order for each individual client, please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery.


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An Extraordinary Wedding Band

A wedding band should represent how extraordinary and unique your relationship is. Customizing one is the perfect way to capture that. At Lindsey Scoggins Studio, we are eager to help you design the specialized dome wedding band of your dreams. Using our virtual studio is simple: you brainstorm some of your design ideas and then we work with you closely from the beginning until the very end. We will be there to help you figure out exact details, and guide you through the diamond and jewelry customization process.


Your only worries should be about which ring you’d like to have made— let us take care of the rest. This dome wedding band is a simple, yet elegant piece that would pair perfectly with a yellow gold engagement ring, or a diamond eternity band. Contact us to have one made for you.

Personalized Jewelry Design Experience

Lindsey Scoggins Studio is located in New York City, in the Diamond District, where our pieces are made. This provides us with total control over the entire process to ensure perfection and superb quality every step of the way. Our expert jewelers have been in the industry for multiple decades. Additionally, we only pick the highest quality diamonds to work with. In fact, no piece of ours can move forward without the final say from Lindsey herself.


Our customization process is personalized for each client because we know each person has their own unique desires and needs. Schedule a consultation with us, either in person or online, to begin discussing your design ambitions. We want to hear your ideas, no matter how abstract. Have your own customized dome wedding band made for you today.

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