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The Classic Three Phases Band reflects the three phases of love: curiosity, chemistry and commitment through beveled detailing that gives each band a modern edge. With high polished metal this band has a crisp finish and elegant shine. The perfect classic wedding band for the modern traditionalist. This ring is also a versatile jewelry box essential and beautifully pairs with any ring in your collection. A daily signature that will add extra edge to your ring finger. 


Have yours made in the metal color and size of your choice. As our rings are made to order for each individual client, please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery.

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Luxury Custom Jewelry

Luxury comes in all shapes and sizes and this classic wedding band is a unique portrayal of your special story. At Lindsey Scoggins Studio, we offer high jewelry commissions and unique custom-made jewelry of all types. We create pieces that are inspired by your original story, character, and taste. All of our collections tell unique stories. While the Three Phases collection is meant to symbolize love, we think the most special stories are the ones that you give to your jewelry through special memories and recognitions of the most important moments along your journey. We make all of our jewelry in New York City's Diamond District using the highest quality materials and jewelers to ensure your piece will be an heirloom for generations to come. Contact us with any questions on this classic wedding band or if we can help with anything else.


More Classic Wedding Bands

Whether you are looking for a traditional gold band made with polished metal or want to explore something more unique with added diamond details, we have so many beautiful designs to choose from. Our Three Phases collection is our most classic featuring traditional pavé diamond bands in modern styles. Our Continuum collection is another classic wedding band style featuring our uniquely engineered rings that have the appearance of an infinite twisted loop of diamonds or metal wrapping around your finger. Our Still, Chance and Links collections were inspired by special stories and emphasize our signature design details in many different ways. Explore all of our classic wedding bands here to discover the style that speaks to you and your story and personal style. Contact us today to learn more about our custom design process and to discuss the endless design and commission possibilities.