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Striking and sleek in design, the Continuum eight-sided high polish band is an eternity wedding ring unlike any other. This ring is uniquely engineered to create the appearance of multiple rows of gold within two never-ending surfaces. With no distinct beginning or end, this ring is eternally mesmerizing.


The Continuum eight-sided high polish band is bold and beautiful. The brilliant gold and intricate design make this eternity wedding ring a striking statement piece on its own and stylishly complimentary within a stack of bands. Approximately 3.8 mm wide, have yours made in the metal of your choosing.


All our rings are made to order for each client. Please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery and a few emails to ensure client satisfaction. Have a question? Contact us today.


A Bold and Elegant Eternity Wedding Ring

The Continuum high polish eternity wedding ring is a striking and gorgeous representation of the never-ending nature of your love. Radiant and eye-catching while timelessly classic and sleek, this eternity ring for a wedding or anniversary looks great worn on its own or paired with other cherished bands or elegant accessories.


Skilled and precise craftsmanship and high-quality materials guarantee that Lindsey Scoggins Studio jewelry such as this Continuum high-polish ring is designed to last. Suitable for daily wear or reserved for the finer occasions, this eye-catching Continuum eight-sided high polish band is a jewelry box staple. Explore the entire Continuum collection today.

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