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If you’re looking for a party in a ring, this one fits the bill. The scattered burnished diamonds or gems in this unique halo engagement ring create a playful frame around the center stone of your choosing. For bridal, stay classic with all diamonds, or for something that will go with everything in your wardrobe— try a multicolored variation of sapphires, garnets and burnished diamonds to create the perfect conversation piece. You can't go wrong with this unique halo engagement ring with burnished diamonds.


As this unique halo engagement ring with burnished diamonds is a custom order, we would be thrilled to make it in any combination of gemstones, diamonds, or a mix of your favorites. Please inquire below to begin the diamond selection and purchase process. Our custom designs are made to order. Please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery and a few emails along the way.


By clicking Add to Cart below you are making the initial payment on this design. Any customization options will be billed separately upon confirmation. Please inquire below to discuss design and gemstone options. We will be in touch shortly.


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About the Endless Loop Collection

Our Endless Loop Collection symbolizes eternal love. These bold and happy pieces have an uninterrupted strand of solid gold or platinum to form a band that encircles a diamond or gemstone as well as your finger. It's a contemporary collection of conversation pieces. Mix an Endless Loop unique halo engagement ring with burnished diamonds with a Continuum band for an even more stunning look. These unique halo engagement rings can be made with any diamond or gemstone of your choice as the center stone or can include a combination of both burnished diamonds and colored stones. If you’re looking for a timeless engagement ring with a modern and playful twist, our Endless Loop loop unique halo engagement rings are perfect for you. While these designs are a great engagement ring option, they are also perfect everyday statement rings to wear as a fashion accessory or an all day style cocktail ring. The halo of metal or diamonds around the center stone also amplifies any size diamond or gemstone to enhance the appearance and size of your ring. Contact us to learn more about our design process or with any questions about any of the unique halo engagement rings in this collection.


Endless Design Possibilities 

Your ring should be as unique as you. Whether you’re looking for a traditional engagement ring style or want something that adds pops of color and pave or burnished diamonds, we can customize your unique halo engagement in any way that you would like. We love the idea of customizing our Confetti Endless Loop ring with a pink sapphire as the center stone and add multicolored sapphires and diamonds as the burnished stones set in the band. For a graphic look, have our Endless Loop with a pave diamond row made in a black rhodium finish. Each of our modern halo engagement rings can be made in the metal color of your choice - 18 karat yellow gold, rose gold, platinum or blackened white gold and select your favorite combination of pave or burnished diamonds or gemstones in any carat weight of your choice. Contact us to chat about design possibilities of your modern halo engagement ring or with questions about any of our Endless Loop collection rings. The design possibilities are endless. 

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