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For a romantic version of our signature Endless Loop engagement ring, our “toi et moi” design wraps two stones together using one endless loop of heavy polished gold. This unique ring is a modern rendition of the age old “toi et moi” style of centuries past. While this makes for an original engagement ring, it doubles as your new favorite everyday heirloom. Available in classic renditions such as emeralds and sapphires paired with diamonds, or a special combination of your choosing.


As our custom commissions are made to order for each individual client, please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery and a few emails along the way.

Please inquire below to begin the diamond selection and purchase process.



Our Endless Loop Collection symbolizes eternal connections. These designs use a continuous strand of heavy gold or platinum to form a ring encircling a diamond or gemstone. It's a classic but contemporary collection. We love to pair Endless Loop rings with our Continuum bands for a doubly sleek look. While these make great engagement rings, they are also perfect for a special anniversary to make a celebratory statement. 


Receiving My Jewelry

At Lindsey Scoggins Studio we pride ourselves on our custom design process, where we work directly with our clients and bring a design to life from the very beginning. Our pieces are designed and made in the heart of the New York City Diamond District by the best in the business. We deliver overnight in an insured package that requires a signature for the safety and security of your valuables. If you have any questions or need to maintenance or repair your jewelry in any way, please contact us.