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Our Full Moon stud earrings are a fun alternative to a traditional diamond stud earring. Varied sizes of pave diamonds evoke the craters on the moon and add brilliant sparkle - like a shooting star. These moon stud earrings can also be purchased with detachable diamond star drops if you'd like to wear these in multiple ways. Available to be made in any metal color of your choice.


As our custom commissions are made to order for each individual client, please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery of your moon stud earrings and a few emails along the way. Shown in platinum and rose gold with 2 carats of diamonds.  


Custom Jewelry Possibilities

Choosing Lindsey Scoggins Studio means that you will get a collaborative experience that is entirely tailored to you. From the initial design sketches where Lindsey will work with you from figuring out everything from the type of gemstone or diamond that you want to use to the most subtle and personalized details like engraving or incorporating special numbers or dates into the design. We work with you up until the final delivery, ensuring you’re getting the exact custom jewelry that you were dreaming of. The custom jewelry design experience is thorough and unique and can be tailored to your preferences. Lindsey works directly with the finest diamond and gemstone curators - each diamond in your custom jewelry design will be individually chosen for their brilliance and for your piece. Details make the difference, which is why diamonds are highly calibrated at 2/100mm and thoroughly checked to ensure that the color and quality is consistent throughout. As our custom designs are totally unique in nature the timeline to complete your piece will vary based on the complexity of your design so contact us and we’ll chat about the entire custom jewelry design process of your moon stud earrings and answer any questions that you might have.


About Our Custom Earrings

With extensive design experience, Lindsey knows how to create earrings that are perfect for you. Make them ultra-fancy or beautifully casual — no matter what, they’ll be exactly what you’re looking for. From the first pencil strokes of the design to the moment you see the final product, all of our earrings like these moon stud earrings are made with precision and care. The pieces themselves are made in the heart of New York City’s Diamond District just minutes away from our Studio, so we can oversee every part of the production process. All of the fine jewelry earrings shown here are available for purchase as shown or can be customized in countless ways. Whether you just want to customize something minor like metal color or diamond size or want to design something entirely new and unique, we are here to help - and are excited to bring your dream pair of customized earrings to life. We also specialize in jewelry resets and have great diamond stud reset options if you’re ready to upgrade to something that feels new. One of our favorite resets for a traditional pair of diamond studs is our Oath Cuff Double Earring setting for a client that wants a modern new look for a double piercing. Contact us to schedule a consultation to discuss possibilities for customized earrings or for more information on these moon stud earrings.


diamond full moon stud earrings


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