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We call this one of a kind green tourmaline ring our Flight Path ring. A spectacular indicolite tourmaline is set in a pavé diamond basket style setting and is adorned with intricate details including seven bezel set diamonds that are linked together with subtle ribbons of gold to represent a plane's flight path around the world. A meaningful and highly personalized piece that never goes unnoticed.    


If you are interested in a one of a kind green tourmaline ring or custom design of any kind please inquire to discuss your own unique design options and pricing information for your design.


Custom Jewelry Possibilities

Choosing Lindsey Scoggins Studio means that you will receive a collaborative experience that is entirely tailored to you and your unique preferences. From the initial design process where Lindsey will work with you from figuring out everything from the type of gemstone or diamond that you want to use to the most subtle and personalized details. The custom jewelry design experience is thorough and unique and can be tailored to your specifications. Lindsey works directly with the finest diamond and gemstone curators and jewelers. Whether you are interested in commissioning a custom design like this green tourmaline ring or customizing one of our existing designs, we will create your piece with the utmost care. As our custom designs are totally unique in nature the timeline to complete your piece will vary based on the complexity of your design so contact us and we’ll chat about the entire custom jewelry design process of your green tourmaline ring and answer any questions that you might have.


About The Custom Process

From the moment we begin working with our clients to the moment we tie a bow around the box of the final product, your satisfaction is our top priority. We work closely with each client to ensure that you receive a piece that is true to your style and personality and will be one of the most cherished pieces in your collection. If you are looking for a different green tourmaline ring style or want to have an entirely unique ring made for you, schedule an appointment to begin the customization process. We can discuss design possibilities whether you want to work on something totally new or reset an older piece that is sitting in your jewelry box. You can also browse our portfolio to discover options that can be made for you or explore some of our other signature collections. Explore all of our collections of rings and bands here and don’t hesitate to inquire or contact us with any questions about this green tourmaline ring or any of our designs. 




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