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The Juli is our favorite jewelry cleaner and our top recommendation for keeping your jewelry clean. We recommend cleaning your jewelry at least once a week depending on how often you wear it. The Diamond Cleaning Essentials Kit comes with the Juli Brush, Brush cap, Tonic Purifying Cleanser and Chamois cloth. 


We use the Juli on diamond jewelry and hard gemstones like sapphires and rubies. We start by making sure the drain is closed - this might be the most important part. Then we spray the cleaner directly on the piece and turn on the Juli (it’s similar to an electric toothbrush) and make sure to really get into every corner and around each stone. Then we rinse the jewelry in hot water to get off any cleaning residue and gently pat it dry with the microfiber cloth. Make sure not to use your Juli on soft gems like turquoise, malachite, opal or pearls. We’re amazed at how much can build up on jewelry if it’s not cleaned regularly and how much better everything looks after it’s cleaned. 


How We Use It

We recommend using the Juli weekly - or more often - for pieces that you wear everyday or regularly. Feel free to consult us if you're not sure if your jewelry is safe to clean with the Juli. Softer gemstones like opals and pearls should not be cleaned with the Juli.   

About Our Jewelry

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