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Perfectly playful, the Party Necklace combines mixed cut bi-color tourmalines and diamonds to form this unique gemstone necklace. This started as a parcel project with an assortment of gemstones that were placed together ever so carefully to create this one of a kind masterpiece.   


Availble with your own unique selection of gemstones and diamonds in the size and colors of your choice. Each party necklace will be one of a kind due to the custom nature of gemstones. Please inquire to discuss design possibilities and pricing. As our custom commissions are made to order for each individual client, please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery of your own gemstone necklace and a few emails along the way.


Necklace Styling

This versatile gemstone necklace makes a statement when worn on it's own or when layered with other necklaces. We love pairing it with our Fable and Oath collection necklaces. Our Oath padlock necklaces take a classic diamond or gemstone, frame it in a heavy gold setting and add a padlock detail. This design is a great option for resetting old or inherited gemstones. Shop our Grape Garnet Emerald Cut Gypsy PadlockHeart Shaped Sapphire Solitaire Padlock, and Asscher Cut Diamond Solitaire Padlock. All of these styles would look great when paired with your own custom Party necklace. 

Timeless Heirlooms

We believe that jewelry is so much more than just something beautiful. Jewelry tells stories of love, personal accomplishments and symbolizes familial connections. Our jewelry is crafted with extremely high quality materials and is made with the utmost care. We want this gold charm necklace chain and all of our jewelry to stay with our customers for life and become cherished heirlooms. When you commission a piece like this custom gemstone necklace with Lindsey Scoggins Studio, we will be with you every step of the way. Even after you receive your jewelry, we are always here for questions about care, repairs or changing your jewelry to fit your changing needs.