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Admit it, when you think of New York, you think of morning news shows, coffee-to-go, and the sun rising over the city. So many people wake up with glimpses of New York City through the TV as they start their daily routines, but nothing is better than walking to work and seeing the sun reflect off the magnificent skyline towering overhead.

This diamond cocktail ring in a vintage style is designed to hold a 10mm cabochon yellow sapphire surrounded by rays of pave set diamonds, and glistening "windows" of baguette and round diamonds, set in a band of 18k yellow gold. Estimated diamond weight is 1.75 carats. Approximately 1.0" in diameter. This statement cocktail ring is beautiful on the index finger for a fun night out, or the ring finger for more frequent wear.

As our custom commissions are made to order for each individual client, please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery and a few emails along the way.

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Vintage-Style Diamond Cocktail Rings

This yellow gold cocktail ring from Lindsey Scoggins Studio isn’t just beautiful because of the lovely, optimistic design, but also for the quality of the diamonds we’ve chosen for it. Lindsey has a heavy hand in diamond curation and personally approves every one that goes into our statement cocktail rings, along with all of our other jewelry.

Pieces are made just two blocks away from our studio, in the heart of the NYC Diamond District, so we can oversee every aspect of the creation process. The gems and diamonds are calibrated at 2/100mm, so they’re guaranteed to fit your vintage-style diamond cocktail rings, and any jewelry that we design.

A Luxury Experience

Whether you’re interested in this yellow gold cocktail ring or other pieces from Lindsey Scoggins Studio, we can guarantee you a personalized, luxury experience, even if it’s done entirely online.

Every piece is customized and created to fit you. When it’s complete, we ship it to you overnight in an insured package that requires your signature for safe delivery. We provide documents proving the authenticity of your jewelry and the diamonds inside it. If you have any questions about how to care for your ring, or if it ever requires repairs, feel free to contact us at any time.

Cabochon yellow sapphire cocktail ring with round diamonds and baguette diamonds in 18 karat yellow gold


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