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Custom Wedding Bands for Commission

Create a customized diamond wedding band unlike any other. Made to fit you perfectly, Lindsey Scoggins Studio’s collection of custom wedding bands are an elegant way to display your unique connection with your partner. The commissioned wedding band can be an adventurous piece of wedding jewelry or an exciting accessory within an upscaled yet classic bridal set. We seek to design jewelry catered to your personal tastes with timeless designs that you’ll always admire and cherish. Embrace intricate detailing and a unique design to create a ring that is all your own at Lindsey Scoggins Studio.

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Striking and Gorgeous Custom Wedding Bands

Made with your choice of 18k yellow gold, 18k rose gold, or platinum and mindfully selected high-quality diamonds, the custom diamond bands created at our studio are unlike any other in the world. From gorgeous engagement rings to elegant accessories, we simplify the process of finding luxury jewelry items and custom wedding bands. Browse the extensive Lindsey Scoggins Studio portfolio today to explore the possibilities of a wedding band made exclusively for you.

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From the moment our client contacts us with a custom wedding band concept, we do everything possible to make that client's dreams become a reality. From the meticulous and refined designing process to the polishing prior to delivery, we do everything we can to bring to life your unique custom diamond wedding band that we know you’ll love and cherish forever. Call us today to create a one-of-a-kind customized wedding band design that will be adored for generations.

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