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The Finder: Purpose


Our finder represents direction, purpose and origin, with an added element of commitment - a promise to listen to your inner voice as you move forward in pursuit of your dreams, because your dreams are worthy of fulfillment. 


Wear the finder as a navigation tool through your daily obstacles, a reminder to treat yourself with compassion. Your power is within.


Made by hand in heavy 18 karat gold with fine details and bands of diamonds trimming the outer rim, weighing approximately 0.10 carats, and finished in a glowing satin polish. This gold compass pendant necklace measures approximately 1.215" or 30mm in height, not including the jump ring. Comes with a convertible bale for easy transitioning to other jewelry. This can be customized with engraving on the back - contact us to inquire.


Chain pictured in image is the medium capsule convertible chain, available to add on. View all of our chain options here.


As our jewelry is made to order for each individual client, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery of this compass pendant necklace.


The Fable Collection

At long last, we're excited to introduce our latest labor of love, the Fable Collection - a series of collectible pieces that pay tribute to the female experience: intuition, passion, transformation and purpose. Our finder compass pendant necklace is sculptural in design for a weight you can feel, and glowing with a rich satin finish. This engravable compass pendant is a reminder to follow your inner voice. What started out with our exploration into using animals in jewelry turned into a full fledged fable. See how it came to life on our Instagram stories and discover the full collection here.

Customization Options

There are countless ways to customize this gold compass pendant necklace. Start by selecting the size, metal color and diamond or gemstone additions. This engravable compass pendant can be inscribed with your initials, a meaningful date or anything else that is significant to you. This gold compass pendant necklace can be set with as many or as little diamonds as you would like. We would love to make a full pave gold compass pendant necklace that could be worn on the front to show off your diamonds or on the reverse side to show whatever you would like to have written on your engravable compass pendant. Contact us to inquire.

The FINDER diamond pendant front view


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