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Your new signature piece. This 5 stone diamond tennis necklace is the ultimate way to wear diamonds everyday. One emerald cut diamond is flanked by two baguette diamonds on each side, and all are wrapped in a frame of gold and set on a delicate chain. Pair with chains, pendants or gemstone necklaces to create your own perfect pairing. Available in any metal color of your choice and with any combination of gemstones and diamonds.


Featuring a 0.25ct emerald cut diamond and four baguette diamonds for an additional 0.25ctw.


This 5 stone diamond necklace is available for purchase as shown or you may inquire for a customized version. 


As our custom commissions are made to order for each individual client, please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery of your 5 stone diamond necklace and a few emails along the way.


More Tennis Necklaces to Discover

This tennis necklace was inspired by a one of a kind gemstone necklace that also inspired this custom designed emerald cut diamond tennis necklace. This modified version uses fewer diamonds but still creates a major impact. For a more colorful option, opt for an emerald and diamond version with either seven or three stones. You can also schedule a custom design session to customize a version of this necklace that is uniquely your own. Add multicolored gemstones, more diamonds, or play with different diamond shapes, the possibilities are endless. 


How We Wear It

There are so many ways to style this 5 stone diamond necklace. This piece looks great when worn alone or when layered with other necklaces like our ball and chain link necklace or any of our Fable collection pendants. This 5 stone diamond necklace is an everyday staple that is perfect for everything from everyday wear to more formal events. You can also customize this piece to fit your lifestyle and preferences. You can choose everything from the metal color to the color, type and size of your diamonds or gemstones. Contact us to inquire about customization options of this 5 stone diamond necklace.