If you’re interested in jewelry resetting, these designs are a few of our favorite signature reset options. These designs are the perfect way to give outdated or inherited jewelry a new life. Repurposing stones is a two step process - first we have to unset the piece and then reset it, so there is an added length of time for disassembly and reassembly for an heirloom piece that you would like to give new life to. Discover our Signature Reset styles below or contact us to inquire about entirely custom one of a kind jewelry or engagement ring resetting.


Jewelry Resetting

Jewelry resetting is a great way to begin exploring the custom jewelry design process. At Lindsey Scoggins Studio we work with clients on a personal basis to tailor the experience to each individual client’s specific needs. Whether you have a loose gemstone that you’re ready to turn into your new favorite piece, or have a collection of sentimental heirlooms that you’ve always considered reinventing with jewelry resetting, we do it all. We understand the sentimental value of your most cherished pieces and are here for you at any stage of your jewelry resetting journey. If you have a specific design in mind, or would like to modify one of our signature reset styles, contact us and we will chat about the jewelry resetting option that is best for you. Our bespoke pieces are entirely one of a kind and are a great option for clients interested in a unique and personalized design. Explore some of our previously designed bespoke pieces in our custom gallery. We also specialize in engagement ring resets. Whether you are interested in upgrading your diamond or opting for a more modern setting, we are always happy to accommodate. Explore our Engagement Ring Studio and engagement ring designs that are available for commission to explore some initial ideas. We love resetting a round brilliant solitaire engagement ring in our Endless Loop setting or by adding a unique band and halo. Contact us to chat about all of the possibilities.


About Lindsey Scoggins Studio

New York City based Lindsey Scoggins Studio is located in the heart of the Diamond District. All jewelry is made within blocks of the studio to be closely overseen from start to finish. We take quality very seriously and ensure that our fine jewelry meets the highest of quality standards. This includes the way that the jewelry is made as well as the materials used to make each piece. Our diamonds and gemstones are expertly selected and screened to ensure authenticity and that you are receiving the most beautiful diamonds on the market. Read more about our diamond curation process here. We add a fifth “C” to the traditional four - curation. Adding this factor to the traditional cut, color, clarity and carat grading scale means that we are checking to make sure our diamonds are the best of the best. Contact us with any questions or to schedule an appointment to visit the studio in New York City.