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This sapphire and diamond sautoir necklace is a transformable piece that can be worn in two different ways. It starts as a classic sapphire tennis necklace and can be expanded with an attachment turning it into a sautoir necklace that falls lower on the body. It features a special triangular diamond pendant with a sapphire heart in the center. This piece has so many meaningful details - even the clasps are beautiful with baguette diamonds framing them.


Availble to be made with your own unique selection of gemstones or diamonds in the size and colors of your choice. If you love the idea of a convertible necklace that can be worn in multiple ways please inquire to discuss design possibilities and pricing.


Tennis Necklaces

If you love this transformable sapphire sautoir necklace, you might also love this custom designed emerald cut diamond tennis necklace that is a more traditional diamond style. For a more understated option, opt for a more delicate piece like our 5 stone diamond tennis necklace or our 7 stone emerald and diamond necklace for a more dramatic look. You can also schedule a custom design session to customize a version of this necklace that is uniquely your own. Add multicolored gemstones, more diamonds, or play with different diamond shapes and sizes, the possibilities are endless. 

Timeless Heirlooms

We believe that jewelry is so much more than just something beautiful. Jewelry tells stories of love, personal accomplishments and symbolizes familial connections. Our jewelry is crafted with extremely high quality materials and is made with the utmost care. We want this gold charm necklace chain and all of our jewelry to stay with our customers for life and become cherished heirlooms. When you commission a piece like this transformable sapphire sautoire necklace with Lindsey Scoggins Studio, we will be with you every step of the way. Even after you receive your jewelry, we are always here for questions about care, repairs or changing your jewelry to fit your changing needs.



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